Merchant Cash Advance

  • Company has been profitable since 2015 with a majority of the earnings reinvested in the Company in new contracts
  • Major industries: Hospitality, Healthcare, Construction, etc.
  • Direct debit of small business card sales on weekly or daily basis

Specialty Debt Collector

  • Borrower is a leading national debt buyer; since inception in 2004, they have purchased almost 900 transactions in both the primary and secondary markets, with over 6 million consumer accounts at ~$8B in face value of consumer obligations
  • Core products are private label retail cards and unsecured cards

Media Finance

  • Borrower has 5 primary financing products on film and media productions: union deposit advances, distributor minimum guarantees, tax credit advances, merchant cash advances and bridge loans/gap financing
  • Borrower has extensive experience in all aspects of movie production, including budgeting, production, payroll, post-production and sales, including an affiliate film production company; loan proceeds used to finance existing loans and new originations

Consumer Installment Loans

  • Borrower is a technology driven provider of microcredit loans to underserved and “un-bankable” borrowers
  • Core products are loans ranging from $200 to $1k for terms of less than 1 year


Revere Capital provides a $3,900,000 bridge to construction loan

  • Loan secured by a 1st lien on land entitled for a multifamily development
  • Secondary collateral includes 2nd liens on a commercial land parcel and a single-tenant industrial building
  • Loan term is six months

Office Building

Revere Capital funded a loan totaling $4,100,000 secured by an office tower, a small undeveloped land parcel and an assignment of a multi-level parking garage lease in Pontiac, MI.

  • Loan proceeds were used to acquire the office tower, an adjoining undeveloped land parcel, and also capitalize a reserve account for future CapEx
  • Loan with time needed to negotiate new leases to stabilize occupancy
  • Loan required a quick closing to satisfy the terms of an agreement between the  City of Pontiac and the seller who obtained a judgment against the City

Single Family Residence

Revere Capital funded 50% of a $4,000,000 loan secured by a second lien in a ~11,000 sf house in Malibu, CA. The loan term is four months and will provide the sponsor, a former NBA player who played for 21 seasons and is in the Hall of Fame, with additional time to market and sell the house.

  • Loan proceeds were used to bridge to a sale
  • Term is four months
  • Loan closed in less than one week

Self Storage

Revere Capital funded a $3,185,000 loan secured by a 693-unit self-storage facility in Clarksville, TN. The loan was used by the sponsor to fund a capital expenditure reserve to be used for value-add projects at the property during Revere’s loan term.

  • Loan proceeds were primarily used to acquire the property
  • Loan term is 18 months with one extension for 6 months


Revere Capital funded a $7,800,000 loan secured by a 29,685 sf, two-story Class B multi-tenant office building in Austin, TX. The loan was used by the sponsor to acquire the property. The sponsor is a repeat customer of Revere Capital. The loan will amortize down to $6,200,000 during the loan term which will facilitate a refinancing with conventional debt financing.

  • Loan provided the sponsor with 75% loan to purchase price proceeds
  • Sponsor is a repeat customer of Revere


Revere Capital funded a $5,000,000 loan secured by a first lien on two land parcels that are slated for the development of manufactured housing communities.

  • Proceeds were used to refinance existing debt
  • Property is currently occupied by the government in response to COVID-1